Our Story

57 years of beekeeping experience​

Sharing the experience and passion of our founder, Mr. Neil Stuckey, who started his career at Waitemata Honey Co in 1965 – at TIAKI HONEY we are focused on delivering from hive to shelf the best quality Mānuka honey.

We have spent many decades developing best practises and standards in the New Zealand honey industry with one main goal – to produce the highest quality bee products – Native and Mānuka honey, propolis and lozenges.

Developing New Zealand Honey Standards

Our founder and director, Mr. Neil Stuckey, is one of the pioneers who dedicated 40 years to developing and establishing Manuka Honey standards as we know them today.
In the early 80’s, he worked closely with the government to set up standards for comb honey export. In the early 90’s, he became part of the marketing committee of the National Beekeepers Association (NBA) with the main task – funding and facilitating the research by Waikato University of manuka honey, becoming chairman of the committee. In later years, he became a member and vice president of the NBA committee. Mr. Stuckey became an NBA representative on the Bee Products Standard Council – an industry/government group involved in setting up new standards throughout the honey industry.

Pioneers in developing Mānuka Honey Standards

In the early 90’s, Mr. Neil Stuckey joined the Active Manuka Honey Association (AMHA) committee, which became the UMFMA group – the most recognised manuka standard in the world. He served at UMFMA for a number of years, becoming chairman of the group.
Over the past 40 years, we have been part of establishing high quality standards, internationally recognised UMF grading system, which is a symbol of science, trust and the highest quality for all Mānuka lovers.